My Sim Turnt Old :( Can I redo this somehow?

Discussion in 'The Sims 2' started by cwilson04, Sep 20, 2004.

  1. cwilson04

    cwilson04 New Member

    My Sim Turnt Old :( Can I redo this somehow?

    Ok dumb me for saving game right after one of my sims became an edler. I didnt make the same mistake with the other one who was set to become an edler later that day. But I want my other sim back to an adult! I built all his **** skills up so he can live good and now he is just an old bum. Both sims are suppose to be party sims but I can party with this old sucka, it will make my other sim look bad. After he age I moved my other sim, which is me Cornelius out of the house lol. He had to get his own place, cant be living with some 70 year old man.

    But yea I tried a time code but that didnt work. That time code never did work for me on any of the Sims. There has to be a way to undo this dumb move!! Help :)
  2. ManagerJosh

    ManagerJosh Benevolent Dictator Staff Member

    you try the fountain of I mean elixer of life.
  3. cwilson04

    cwilson04 New Member

    What is the code for that? I have not come across that one yet.

    The code I use for my other sim so he doesnt change into an edler was "aging off".
  4. waxpants

    waxpants New Member

    If your sim becomes an elder you're stuck basicaly.

    The elixer will not turn them back into an adult sim (at least I tried drink elixer twice immediately after one of my sims turned into an elder and it did nothing).

    You just have to make sure you are drinking enough elixer so that they don't turn into elders.
  5. AndyB

    AndyB New Member

    Just make sure u don't do what I did, I had 2 married sims living together, one female who I had just married thus was v young and an adult just past the mid way thingy in his age, I wanted them both to be young so I used the females' aspiration points to buy the elixer of life, then I merrily send my male sim off to have 5 drinks from it, and next thing I know he's on the verge of old age!!!!! I never realised that if you were below gold aspiration the elixer makes you older lol, that really ruined my game cause now I'm stuck with a very highly qualified, but very old sim :|, I'm thinking about killing him off, does that generate much money?
  6. bangin knee song

    bangin knee song New Member

    You have to type "aging -off" (not "aging off", make sure you put the "-"), then it should work :)

    I'm not sure if you can reverse old age though. Try using the Elixer of Life (but only if he's at least at the gold level) and then type in the cheat as soon as he turns into an adult.
  7. Fizz

    Fizz New Member

    If you have aging -off does that mean your toddlers, children and teens don't age too?
  8. sexierjess14

    sexierjess14 Depressed Soul

    yeap.. if you typed in the cheat when your sims are at the baby > elder stage they will remain that way till you turn on the again again :D
  9. DonDolmades

    DonDolmades New Member

    Can sims still get promotions after they become elders?
  10. tobias

    tobias New Member

    yeah i think you can, you can also retire though.. i dont like the elders. I have two elders and i just let them go at free will. i only control my 2 teenagers:D
  11. Mirelly

    Mirelly Active Member

    Oh man that is the funniest thing I ever read! Hey all you teens out there ... yeah! I mean YOU! Look at what happens when you get too old to pass for "young" in polite company. And remember. Cos it'll happen to you too one day and if you don't do something about it your attitude your now then your kids (and theirs) are gonna dis you even more than you dis us!

    ROFALMAO :p :D :bunny:
  12. FaeLuna

    FaeLuna The One and Only

    Yeah, haha... you could pretend the Elder sim is like Hugh Hefner (I know I'm spelling it wrong, but he's the man who founded Playboy). Make him rich with the money cheat so sim women with the Riches aspiration (can't remember if it was named Riches, or Money) will all flock to him! ;)

    Remember YOU will be Elderly in REAL life someday! ;) Don't totally neglect your elderly sims! They were once teenagers too! :p
  13. Sadie

    Sadie New Member

    What about the elixer of life? :p

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