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My Sims won't load!!!!

Discussion in 'The Sims 1' started by Sim-bol, Feb 17, 2005.

  1. Sim-bol

    Sim-bol New Member

    My Sims won't load!!!!

    Ok, I wanted to load my Sims Makin' Magic (because I got tired of Sims 2) and it won't load! I tryed all my old Sims games, and they wouldn't allow me to re-install, play, or do anything. My screen was blank, what can I do to fix it :confused:
  2. aaliyah

    aaliyah New Member

    i had the same problem, which is still baffling me, i still don't know how i got it to work finally. did you have the right disc in, is it still on your PC, perhaps something is wrong with a file or your pc is too slow, how much stuff is running on your PC.
  3. latmere1

    latmere1 Blah Blah

    my sims makin magic worked first time and its great. i love makin people into rats and frogs!

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