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Spore >>>Petition, Sign for fun!

Discussion in 'General Gaming Talk' started by artistvrd, Jun 19, 2006.

  1. artistvrd

    artistvrd SporeMasterArti

    >>>Petition, Sign for fun!

    I'm guessing many of you have already signed the petition started by Firemaker, but if not, please sign it!!

    the more the merrier!

  2. FireMaker

    FireMaker New Member

    Spread the word, fellow Spore-ites!
  3. strillor

    strillor New Member

    what a nice idea :D
  4. Kenaz

    Kenaz New Member

    I signed :D
  5. Lainehart

    Lainehart New Member

    Has anyone gotten word to EA that this petition has already got 250+ signatures?

    I emailed them earlier, with a link to the petition, but they haven't answered my "general game support and enquiries" question lol. Surprising that they don't have an support email category set aside for raving Spore fans.

    Anyway, let's hope for the best peoples!
  6. Mason11987

    Mason11987 New Member

    I saw the petition on the main site, but there isn't really a reason to do that. They are already planning it. I have an email from will wright where it was suggested that maxis release the creature editor early and he said "That's already our plan." Since it is logical, and will said they are planning on it, I think we can cancel the petition. I posted this at planetspore. I've received quite a few e-mails back from will wright in the past that I posted on gamingsteve.

    One question was:

    1. Will other forms of intelligent life (and therefore alliances/war in space) be ONLY limited to outside your solar system (meaning can you do "everything" before you get the intersteller drive)?

    He said yes

    2. Will you be able to build vehicles that aren't for interacting with other cities (as in, can you have vehicles in the city stage).

    He said no

    I also asked if he had visited sporewiki, to which he said:

    Yes, I came across Sporewiki quite a while ago and check on it from time to time.

    I can provide screenshots and such, but you can check the thread on gamingsteve where will wright posted stating that my evidence of the email led to his mailbox exploding :).
  7. FireMaker

    FireMaker New Member

    -shrugs- Nifty.

    Still going to keep it up, its more of a support thing than anything else. EA will do what EA wants, which always means they could not release the editor early. But if they see numbers.. then they may be less likely to change their mind.

    It doesn't hurt anything, so I don't see why the petition should be taken down.
  8. Bonkywop

    Bonkywop New Member

    Whee, it made homepage news! It's earned a place in history now. *designs commemorative stamp* Certainly hope they are planning to do this, I want something to get excitable about. That's nearly 350 signatures last time I checked! That's far outnumbered the total member count of this place. Where else is it being advertised?

    P.S. Yup, I signed. Number 19, to the best of my memory.
  9. leech10

    leech10 New Member

    This should answer your question, Bonkywop.
  10. FireMaker

    FireMaker New Member

    375.. sweet

    I'm going to get word to EA.

    I wonder if anyone's noticed that the front page says 'petitition' an extra ti in there, Snooty.

  11. Bonkywop

    Bonkywop New Member

    Woah, it's obliterated the 500 milestone! 564 last time I checked, actually.

    Grrr... there's a spelling mistake on the home page and I never noticed it! There must be something wrong with me... I'm falling below my usual nitpickity standards...

    P.S. Thanks, leech10, but I don't know what ST or SCC are...
  12. FireMaker

    FireMaker New Member


    Wow.. this is biig.
  13. leech10

    leech10 New Member

    ST=Simtropolis, and SCC=SimCityCentral.
  14. Bonkywop

    Bonkywop New Member

    Thanks! Never heard of either of them, actually...

    *brandishes intimidating sword of on-topicness (it has claimed many lives fighting for its cause)* 631 signatures last time I peeked. That's kinda woah.
  15. artistvrd

    artistvrd SporeMasterArti

    we can make it to 1000! Get more people, we're doing great! and EA will just be like "hehehehe, some more desperate fans.." but we'll be like "Yipeeeee!"

    667 as of july 4, 2006

    by the way, happy brithday United States of America
  16. Andyandspore

    Andyandspore New Member

    i think they shouldnt realease a demo of the creature editor...........it kind of makes waiting for it less fun. and when you get the final game it could take out some of the thrill of poping the disk in and play for the first time the whole complete game. besides you could play some other games you have instead.
  17. siminem

    siminem New Member

    I signed it, I am going to spread it out to those who haven't yet signed.
  18. Andyandspore

    Andyandspore New Member

    731 signatures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :spin: :spin: :spin: :sporerules:

    oh ya I retract my above statment. but i do have a point. if they do make a creature editor demo i wonder how much it would cost? :2cents:
  19. Petreak

    Petreak New Member

    I don't think it would cost anything. They never charge for demo's.
  20. FireMaker

    FireMaker New Member

    No real point in this anymore, EA is doin a pretty good job of ignoring me.

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