PocketGamer – Hands on with SimCity Deluxe for iPhone

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    PocketGamer – Hands on with SimCity Deluxe for iPhone

    I can’t wait to download this game to my iPhone [​IMG]

    The title is deceptive, because it’s more of a sequel than merely a respray with a fresh lick of paint.

    That’s not to say the graphics haven’t been updated. Zooming into buildings no longer ends up with blurry, nondescript shapes, but crisp images of your mighty tower blocks and factories.

    This view can be rotated 360 degrees in four steps, allowing a full view of the new seasonal effects like snowflakes on the camera in the process, with the game reacting quickly on the 3GS even with a fully built city on screen.

    In fact, the whole game feels far quicker than before, with scrolling no longer jerking about and losing the buildings, and menus popping up quickly with barely any downtime.

    This refinement is carried over to the controls themselves, with the building system receiving improvements to its accuracy and the advisors less awkward to reach, which should relieve a lot of players from the previous game.


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