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Questions and Answers.

Discussion in 'Forum Games' started by Helén, Nov 15, 2002.

  1. babewithbrains_14

    babewithbrains_14 The Offtopic Queen!!!

    I ... don't know.

    I'm not even sure we have any in England lol!

    Why is Nutella sooo yummy?
  2. person123

    person123 Frumpy McDoogle!

    Because it's fattening!

    Does God miss his fallen angels?
  3. artistvrd

    artistvrd SporeMasterArti

    He does dearly.

    How many phases are in the game, Spore?
  4. hugzncuddles

    hugzncuddles New Member

    Ummm I have no idea lol. *remembers to check that out someday*

    When am I going to stop dreaming about Maplestory?
  5. jupitershana

    jupitershana Kitty Fanatic!

    When Sims2 Pets comes out and re-sparks the Sims2 addiction in you.

    Can I just quit my job?
  6. alliekat

    alliekat Insert quirky comment

    Not if you're planning a wedding lovey. Sorry. Unless you're filthy rich of course, in which case I ask...

    Why were you working in the first place :p ?
  7. jupitershana

    jupitershana Kitty Fanatic!

    Because I'm a famous star in hiding so I'm trying to blend in!

    Can you guess who I am? (cause I don't know!)
  8. surprised_by_witches

    surprised_by_witches Sleep deprived

    Oooh! Ooh! I know who you are. You're the happy present fairy. :p

    Why can't George Clooney take me out for a sushi lunch today?
  9. JohnEZ

    JohnEZ The Mac Guy

    Because he secretly hates sushi.

    Why can't my sociology class be easier? :confused:
  10. Lynet

    Lynet New Member

    Because sociologists ask questions that have no answers.

    Where did the bot come from?

    (I've been reading some of the conversation with Decrypt...AI)
  11. hugzncuddles

    hugzncuddles New Member

    He was created by the BotMaster.

    Who is the BotMaster?
  12. JohnEZ

    JohnEZ The Mac Guy

    Why, you are the bot master, of course :)

    Why didn't you know that :p
  13. Shintoga

    Shintoga Student of Simlish

    Because he's in a real life equivalent of the Truman Show :p

    Why can't Japanese be easier to learn? :(
  14. Lynet

    Lynet New Member

    Because you have to learn to sing at the same time.

    How can airplanes fly when they weigh so much? :bitelip: :wideeyed:
  15. JohnEZ

    JohnEZ The Mac Guy

    It's the shape of their wings--the aerofoil (spelling?) is shaped in such a way that it results in lower pressure above the wings, forcing the airplane upward.

    Why can't I earn more money as a receptionist? :mad:
  16. Shintoga

    Shintoga Student of Simlish

    Have you tried wearing a short skirt to impress your boss? :p

    Why is Artificial Intelligence not very intelligent? :confused:
  17. hugzncuddles

    hugzncuddles New Member

    It's because it is artificial. :p

    When will Mirelly be back?
  18. Lynet

    Lynet New Member

    When Babe knocks on her door.

    Is brown really a color? :confused:
  19. hugzncuddles

    hugzncuddles New Member

    Of course! So many wonderful shades too :p

    When will humans be able to teleport?
  20. sims2

    sims2 New Member

    When the cows come home.

    what shall be for dinner tomorrow ?

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