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    Room Ideas

    i haven't seen this topic before (that i remember) and thought it about time someone made one lol. so, this thread will be about ideas that you created for rooms, ect. within the games. i have the PC version, but i do not play it as much, so it will be mainly for the console (gamecube, xbox, ps2) versions, although all are welcome.

    here is how this works. first you name a room and then give your idea how it works, what items to put in it, ect. so i'll start this thread by giving ideas for a closet.

    i realized a couple of days ago that when i make a bedroom, i never put closets in them. so, while looking through blueprints of houses in my local sunday newspaper (at the Real Estate/ New Homes sections), i saw that many of these were either small ones or walk in. so here is my idea. make a room (small or medium) and line the walls with either armoires, counters, dressers or a combination of the three. you may also want to put an end table (the one with the drawer on the top) on either side of the door (aka one on each side, with the front turned in the direction of the one across from it) and put a table lamp on each to raise the room bar when a sim goes in it. i hope this makes sense lol! you may also put a mirror (wall or standing) and a vanity thingy in the closet too if you want to.

    i haven't experimented with this idea yet since i have limited access to my brother's gamecube, but i will try it out when i get the chance. anyone who tries this before me, can post their success/failure in here if they want. as for the blueprints i look at, i cut them out if they look easy enough and recreate them in the game hehe.

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