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SimCity 4 Screenshot Collection Thread.

Discussion in 'SimCity Legacy' started by Helén, Mar 5, 2003.

  1. Helén

    Helén Posting Queen

    Screenshot Collection Thread.

    Screenshots Collection

    Here we can collect all screenshot posts about Simcity 4 we have so far in varuious places. Here is also a place to just post screenshot's you found or created over cities and landscapes.

    Even those you use to visualize something special is very welcomed here. Just write in the post where you got it or if you took it yourself and if there is anything special you want to say about it.

    And for all posts I think I speek for all here when I say

    Thanks SO much for all nice screenshots.

  2. Helén

    Helén Posting Queen


    Well. That's so far. These quotes are taken from threads dealing with only screenshots. To separate who's who I've put the names in color.

    Next thing I will do is to get the rest as well. Hope this can be something to look around in for many of you. All those other posts will be done similar to this one.

    And I just realized that it's not possible to copy all posts with screenshots just like that. Attachment doesn't work then for example. So I will settle for only screenshots with an url for now.

    And of course I have to edit this yet one more time. :p
  3. anikan

    anikan New Member

  4. sam_lawrence

    sam_lawrence SimCity Moderator

    Thanks Nina and Anikan, theres some nice collections there!
  5. Sasile

    Sasile New Member

    lol my cities are usually lame and boring compared to these :-P
  6. OinkUsed2BABunny

    OinkUsed2BABunny Perma-banned.

    Heads up Sassas, here I come!
    Want to keep costs down and have a city treasury that doesnt go straight into the red the first year you play the game? Ok then, pay attention. Dont build anything. I say let the sims rot in the dark, cold, waterless, criminal-infested fire-hazzards they call homes. Dont ever build public service buildings that would collectively give you a dip in your coffers. Only build them when you can afford them. Or you could just leave those miserable virtual-beings in their virtual-heckholes. You've tortured :LOL:, maimed :hurt: and brutally murdered :dead: your sims before in The Sims (dont pretend like you havent :devious: ) so why not do it in SC4? Let the fun begin!
  7. FaeLuna

    FaeLuna The One and Only

    I may have to try that... I always have trouble with my budget and they hate me anyway! :p

    oh, and welcome! Good to have you here!
  8. OinkUsed2BABunny

    OinkUsed2BABunny Perma-banned.

    *bows* good to be here guys, and Thanks Fae :D
  9. ManagerJosh

    ManagerJosh Benevolent Dictator Staff Member

    My god...how long is your username?
  10. FaeLuna

    FaeLuna The One and Only

    haha at least it's SHORTER than it would be if not for the chat shorthand like "2" ;) ;)
  11. OinkUsed2BABunny

    OinkUsed2BABunny Perma-banned.

    Well, I dont normally use shorthands like a n00b, but since OinkOinkUsedToBeABunny didnt quite fit in the name field... :p

    Oh right, almost forgot. I think I've followed my own advice rather admirably. Everything is all fine and dandy in my cities and the treasurer couldnt be any joyeous. But even the best paradise has its faults, and in mine it would have to be traffic congestions. It seems that I am not as good at zoning and laying down roads as I am at managing city finances. Almost every city that I've started that isnt on a small map exhibits some sort of traffic problems. Be it congestions, long commute, sims being too far away from work or pollution caused by too much traffic. They all start to rear their ugly heads when my city starts to hit the ten thousands mark. I loathe apartments and other low-wealth high-volume residential buildings... :angry:

    I'll show you guys what I'm rambling about once I've gathered good enough pics to upload in one go. ;)
  12. SolidSnake_19

    SolidSnake_19 Senior Moderator

    I think I'll get a picture of my city that was doing good but went down the tubes so fast I didn't notice until it was too late. Stupid city people, they kept on complaining about not having schools or libraries for some reason. I tried to appeal to their hearts with stadiums but they just turned a blind eye to my generous nature and started complaining like the insignificant worms that they were.
    I showed them, I showed them all! Only after I unleashed my wrath in meteor form did they show how much they loved my beautiful stadiums. Fools. Fear my wrath puny mortals. Bwhahahaha!
    </insanity off>
  13. OinkUsed2BABunny

    OinkUsed2BABunny Perma-banned.

    Insanity? Pfft, that's how you always talk. And yeah, bring education and knowledge to your sims by building expensive stadiums... and throwing meteors down on them. What a way to show them you care. :rolleyes:
  14. sam_lawrence

    sam_lawrence SimCity Moderator

    Well i thought it was time to revive this almost dead thread with some random shots. So here they are!...

    This is about my most successful downtown ever.

    A random suburb at night:

    This was one of my first BAT (Building Architect Tool) creations that i actually finished. It's a replica of the Auckland Skytower - the tallest tower in the southern hemisphere.

    And finally, one of my latest BAT creations - a snazy modern library:

    Now let's see some other people's work!
  15. Flameback777

    Flameback777 Josh's Servant Staff Member

    I like your Auckland Skytower sam, very nice. Also you library, I will download them from the STEX now. :) :D
  16. sam_lawrence

    sam_lawrence SimCity Moderator

    Thanks Flameback :)
  17. FaeLuna

    FaeLuna The One and Only

    Wow! :eek: The tower and library are gorgeous! :D

    I wish I could get my cities starting to work, I always seem to overextend myself when I zone new areas, and I can't get my population to grow! :p
  18. Flameback777

    Flameback777 Josh's Servant Staff Member

    Your library fits real nicely into my city Sam. :D

    One of the nice parts of my city. :) (I keep away from towers.)

    The Sims are lucky enough to get early release copies of The Sims 2. :p :D
  19. FaeLuna

    FaeLuna The One and Only

    Haha the Maxis truck is GREAT! :D I hadn't heard about that in the game! :p
  20. sam_lawrence

    sam_lawrence SimCity Moderator

    Good to see my libraries are being put to good use :D

    I'll have another few screenshots to post in the next few days :)

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