Sim star romance

Discussion in 'The Sims 1' started by Tygr1982, May 30, 2008.

  1. Tygr1982

    Tygr1982 New Member

    Sim star romance

    So, my sim fell in love with an "Anybody," Cory Anybody, to be exact...he will kiss her romantically, and do all the cutesy stuff, but there is no passionate kissing and he always says no at the proposal, stating they don't talk enough (they talk all the time!). He gets that drama face in his thought bubble, however, it has shown that he is in love with her before (little red heart above his head)...and of course I can't play him...he's just randomly there. Is there any way I can get them together, or not, because he's just a random sim-created "Anybody" with no house?

    Help me if you can! Thanks!
  2. sailorchiiavalon

    sailorchiiavalon Addicted to Sims 2!

    By proposal, do you mean trying to get married?

    You could always ask him to move in.

    Also attend to Cory's needs e.g. doing fun stuff etc and it will put him in a better mood.
  3. Tygr1982

    Tygr1982 New Member

    Moving in is not an option...I have a feeling I can't do anything with him since I can't control him.

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