Sims 2 Looks Like So Much Fun!

Discussion in 'The Sims 2' started by MasterRedE, Jul 26, 2003.

  1. MasterRedE

    MasterRedE New Member

  2. ManagerJosh

    ManagerJosh Benevolent Dictator Staff Member

  3. MasterRedE

    MasterRedE New Member

    Thanks for posting it! I'm sort of new to the site and I haven't had time to fully look around!
  4. simsamgrl16

    simsamgrl16 New Member

    yea me 2
  5. simstar517

    simstar517 New Member

    does it cost the same (+ shipping) to pre-order?
  6. simsamgrl16

    simsamgrl16 New Member

    yea sum have shipping n handling n i guess sum dont

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