Troubleshooting stolen serial number

Discussion in 'The Sims 3' started by tytianna, Dec 10, 2011.

  1. tytianna

    tytianna New Member

    someone stole my serial code and now i cant download stuff for it on the website someone please help me by telling me what to do
  2. KatAnubis

    KatAnubis Lady Staff Member

    about the only thing you can do is contact Customer Support. It's not something that fans of the game can help you with.
  3. swmeek

    swmeek I got your benevolent dictator pal!!

    If the original serial number is in their records of being associated with your account you should have no problems.
  4. tytianna

    tytianna New Member

    idk these are really helping me with my problem:cry:.... whats the customer support number?o_O
  5. tytianna

    tytianna New Member

    not helping much:(
  6. KatAnubis

    KatAnubis Lady Staff Member

    The Customer Suppport number is in your manual. It's about all anyone can tell you to do that's not illegal. And we don't do illegal.

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