News The Sims are taking over the world!

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    The Sims are taking over the world!

    There was a huge event held in New York City on September 12th for Nintendo Power’s 20th birthday.* Many company representatives showed up to speak on their games, and what do you know…EA had one there!* Aaron Cohen, Sims Label Marketing Director spoke with Newsarama in an interview that covers The Sims 3, The Sims 2 Mansion & Garden Stuff, MySims Kingdom and SimAnimals:

    NRAMA: Switching gears a little bit, back to the PC. Sims 2 is winding down. We just had the last expansion pack for the game ship with Apartment Life. Now the last Sims 2 Stuff pack was just announced, Mansion and Garden Stuff; can you tell us about that a little bit?

    COHEN: Mansion and Garden Stuff is great. It’s very high-end stuff. If you watch the shows that are about mansions, like the old Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, you can make your home a mansion like that. From columns to expensive furniture to high-end kitchen appliances, you can really make your own little “Trump Tower” and deck it out with the best items possible.

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