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Discussion in 'The Sims 3' started by Dayvid Powers, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. Dayvid Powers

    Dayvid Powers New Member

    I took TS3 off my laptop a while ago, and recently tried putting it back on... And the graphics were fine until I tried playing as a person then out of nowhere the graphics became skewed and triangles of assorted colors started appearing out of nowhere... I've tried putting it on several different computers, and they have all done the same thing if not worsened in severity... Has EA made it so you can't put TS3 on more than 1 computer??? Or is there some other obvious problem I'm not noticing???
    2nd picture.jpg 3rd picture.jpg first picture.jpg
  2. KatAnubis

    KatAnubis Lady Staff Member

    I'm surprised that it looks like that on more than one computer. What you're seeing is generally a graphics card problem. But it's unlikely that you've got inadequate graphics cards on all your machines.
  3. Dayvid Powers

    Dayvid Powers New Member

    Well my laptop Which I had it on previously ran it fine, I didn't have any of these issues... It only started after I attempted to re-install it... I have a HP touchsmart tx2 ( a relic, I'm aware)... With an AMD Turion X2 Ultra Dual-Core Mobile Processor ZM-86 (2.4 ghz), 6gb ddr2, and a ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics with 64MB Display Cache display... And it's running windows vista ultimate 64bit Is any of this the problem???
  4. swmeek

    swmeek I got your benevolent dictator pal!!

    Check and make sure that the laptop is not overheating as that can cause your graphics to look so screwy too.
    Check all the vents and make sure they're all free and clear of dust or dander or try playing it on a laptop cooling station (which can be gotten relatively cheap nowadays).
    Or try playing it on a desk or table slightly elevated off the surface with a small house fan pointed at the desk's top so you're forcing more air to get to the vents.
    Also try reinstalling the video driver or updating it too.
    But make sure you don't just install it over the old driver as it can leave to problems.
    Did you try installing any more content like an expansion pack/stuff pack or more custom content than before you had the problems?
    making the video chip work harder will cause the problems you're seeing too because the video chip can't keep up with all the stuff it has to process and display on your screen.
    And after checking the required specs it says your video device needs to have at least 128 MB of ram to run the game too.
  5. Dayvid Powers

    Dayvid Powers New Member

    Haha, I actually just took it apart and blew all the dust off of it, and it seems 2 be working fine now lol :D
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  6. swmeek

    swmeek I got your benevolent dictator pal!!

    Be extremely careful blowing out dust unless you use a can of compressed air because of possible static discharge.
    But I'm glad to hear to it's working for you now.
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  7. Ellie

    Ellie New Member

    I'm having a problem simillar to this, except the triangles are all over the house and are sort of "3D" with the house. I also have an HP tablet laptop. All I have to do is clean it?
  8. swmeek

    swmeek I got your benevolent dictator pal!!

    Maybe and then again it may not be capable of playing the game at all.
    Has it played the game before in the past or is this a new install ?
  9. mrc

    mrc New Member

    I have the same freaking triangley things and i cant get rid of them! its only when i try to actually play it after i make people
  10. swmeek

    swmeek I got your benevolent dictator pal!!

    Probably because your hardware can't hold up playing the actual game instead of just running Create a Sim.

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