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We're Here Finally! Welcome!

Discussion in 'News and Commentary' started by ManagerJosh, Mar 31, 2008.

  1. ManagerJosh

    ManagerJosh Benevolent Dictator Staff Member

    We're Here Finally! Welcome!

    It's been a long time happening and we're glad to reach this occasion. At our sister site WorldSims, we've been planning to build such a community for three whole years now. Months of planning and building up relationships with our core team, hours of planning, as well as reaching across the aisle to an affiliate consulting group to bring together the both strengths of each group together has resulted in what we're announcing today.

    For the last 14 years of my life, I've been a member of the technology industry and I've walked along side the industry observing, buying, educating and consulting for consumers, gamers, businesses alike. I've had the pleasure of working with major manufacturers in the technology sector.

    Now it's time to bring the two worlds a bit closer together as we're approaching this stage of our master plan and that's to announce our new information technology group here at Urban Online Entertainment, appropiately named Urban OEMs (or OEM for singular).

    We chose this name to fit our theme since OEMs are known in the industry as Original Equipment Manufacturers and it's an appropiate fit to Urban Online Entertainment as well.

    Our goal and focus is to be bringing news normally that doesn't hit the surface of the consumer and tech sector. We're going to bring together the best of all our teams together to help bring this vision to fruition and we're looking forward to an exciting future here.

    We're prepared to make a mark on the information technology sector.

    We're ready, we're set, now let's go!!

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