How Do I Where would that installer from MTS2 Hide my stuff?

Discussion in 'The Sims 2' started by Kristalrose, Jan 6, 2008.

  1. Kristalrose

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    Where would that installer from MTS2 Hide my stuff?

    Okay, I know, MTS2 has their own support forums, but they are huge and hard to navigate, and I know y'all will give me a better answer anyway. :D

    I usually save the RAR and ZIP files to a file on my desktop and then install them using Sims 2 File Maid. However, at MTS2 I use their installer. (Q-installer or something like that). It works well, except that I cannot find many sims or lots that I have downloaded using it. They do not show up in game, and they're not in the Downloads or Teleport File, nor are the sims in the Saved Sims file. Since they never show up in game, I thought maybe they are still packed up and need opened with the package installer, but if I can't find them, I can't check that theory. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks y'all.
  2. Mirelly

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    LOL. QExpress is kinda clunky, I'm afraid. It's Delphy's little monster, designed methinks to stop bozos from queuing a gadzillion downloads and then going off to school. Trouble is a lot of the downloads are zipped up Sims2Pack files which just end up in a sub-folder inside your main Downloads folder. You'll need to search the blighters out and install them with either Clean Installer or the Sims2Pack installer that comes with the game.

    Most of the affected files are usually walls and floors, though .... Beyond that I have few other ideas. :(
  3. stargatesimsgrrl

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    Look on your C drive -- it used to happen to me. For some reason, it liked to install some of the files on the root rather than in the downloads folder.

    When it downloads files, it copies them to program files -> ->QXpress installer ->download, so if you still can't find them on your hard drive, you can always unpack them yourself.

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