Which Would U Choose?

Discussion in 'Forum Games' started by Yhowshua, Jan 8, 2007.

  1. Niv

    Niv New Member

    Tough choice that, I'll have to say Sydney though.

    Rock n roll or classical?
  2. hugzncuddles

    hugzncuddles New Member

    Depends on my mood. :p At this moment in time I would say classical.

    Playing Sims 2 with cheats or playing without cheats?
  3. badboy7

    badboy7 New Member

    with the cheats... :p

    the movie accepted or the american pie series..?
  4. cheesewhiz10

    cheesewhiz10 New Member

    American Pie because I've never heard of Accepted :p

    Harry Potter or Twilight?
  5. CHawk32

    CHawk32 New Member

    MSN . . . just because I have more friends that use it!

    Brownies With or Without nuts?
  6. CHawk32

    CHawk32 New Member

    I totally messed that up!

    Harry potter!

    Brownies with or without nuts . . . .?
  7. jeffrompas

    jeffrompas New Member

    without nuts

    to be or not to be... LOL
  8. mark15

    mark15 New Member

    MSN, what the hell is yim?

    frensch kiss your dog or saw off your leg :p
  9. bri365

    bri365 King of the hill

    Kiss the dog.

    Would you sing kareoke in a bar or run on the pitch naked at a sports game
  10. Valentine

    Valentine Scottish Gamer

    I'd take the naked pitch run, I have a better body than voice ;)

    Burn to death or freeze to death?
  11. bri365

    bri365 King of the hill

    freeze to death

    If you could choose either the ability to fly or breath under water, which would you choose.
  12. Valentine

    Valentine Scottish Gamer

    Has to be flying, its far more exciting!

    Would you rather be invincible or be able to defy gravity?
  13. bri365

    bri365 King of the hill

    defy gravity.

    would you rather have love or hate
  14. Valentine

    Valentine Scottish Gamer

    Love. You get more out of it.

    Would you rather own a jet or hovercraft?
  15. bri365

    bri365 King of the hill

    Hovercraft, much more fun.

    The Monarch or a President
  16. wishfulanthony

    wishfulanthony A Proud San Franciscan

    I'd rather have a President instead. Much more flexibility.

    Ball pen or pencil for writing?
  17. bri365

    bri365 King of the hill

    ball point pen.

    Cake or Death (Eddie Izzard fans will understand)
  18. Valentine

    Valentine Scottish Gamer

    Cake. (unfortunately, I'm not a fan of Eddie Izzard, but if I had to compare them, I'd rather eat cake than die...)

    Audi or Mercedes Benz?
  19. bri365

    bri365 King of the hill


    Right or wrong
  20. wishfulanthony

    wishfulanthony A Proud San Franciscan

    Ouch. That's a huge road bump! I'd do the right thing instead!

    Swimming or cycling?

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