Who here plays the Blizzard games?

Discussion in 'General Gaming Talk' started by FinalFantasy4ever, Jul 29, 2003.

  1. FinalFantasy4ever

    FinalFantasy4ever Oh where in the world...

    Who here plays the Blizzard games?

    I was just wondering who plays like Starcraft and/or broodwar Diablo 2 and/or Lord of destruction Warcraft 3 and/or Frozen throne. I play d2lod scbw and wc3:whitekitty:
  2. suitemichelle

    suitemichelle Gramma's here!

    What are Blizzard games?
  3. lilfaeriegirl078

    lilfaeriegirl078 New Member

    thats what i was wondering
  4. Helén

    Helén Posting Queen

    Blizzard is a gaming company like maxis and they make many excellent strategy and role play games.

    Myself I play Starcraft and Warcraft III. I've also played older Blizzard games. They're really great! I love Warcraft III and I really want the add-ons, but can't afford it just now.
  5. lewdini

    lewdini Moderate Sith Lord

    I played Warcraft 1,2,3 with the expansions
    I also played Diablo 1 and 2
    I have played Starcraft and Broodwar...
    among them..my favourite is Starcraft...excellent AI...good units...a great mixture...
    bring on Starcraft 2!
  6. FinalFantasy4ever

    FinalFantasy4ever Oh where in the world...

    Ive played:
    Starcraft and Broodwar
    Diablo 1 and exp and 2 and exp
    Warcraft 2 and 3 (havent played exp yet money problems hehehe)
  7. OinkUsed2BABunny

    OinkUsed2BABunny Perma-banned.

    :bunny: :bunny: this lil :bunny:bunny:bunny: is just multiplying everywhere isnt he? :bunny: :bunny:

    Well, i've played WC2, 3 and awaiting FT. D1, D2 and LoD, and SC+BW. If SC2 looks as good as SC:Ghost and plays just as well as SC, then i'm scheduled to lose another 2 years of my life.
  8. FinalFantasy4ever

    FinalFantasy4ever Oh where in the world...

    i have played: wc2 wc3 and ft
    d1 d1exp d2 d2lod
    sc bw
    i may get ghost dunno yet. I didnt think there was 2 yet i thought it was just a possibility
  9. OinkUsed2BABunny

    OinkUsed2BABunny Perma-banned.

    I would be in both the developer, publisher and gamers' best interests to keep the series going. One does no just unleash the best (in many ppl's opinions) RTS game and let it die. How many ppl are still playing SC on Battle.net now? SC2 will come out, and I would go as far as to put my credibility and name on the line for that assumption.

    Just one question: What in God's green earth is taking Blizzard so long to churn out the next great SC? Anyone know?
  10. FaeLuna

    FaeLuna The One and Only

    ...um... I have a request... could someone PLEASE translate all those letters into entirely spelled out complete names for those games so people like me who don't play them can learn about them? Thanks! :D
  11. FinalFantasy4ever

    FinalFantasy4ever Oh where in the world...

    warcraft 2 warcraft 3 and frozen throne
    diablo 1 and expansion diablo 2 and lord of destruction (expansion)
    starcraft and broodwar (expansion)
    starcraft ghost
    and last but not least
    starcraft 2
    rts is dunno
    and there is not a sc2 they are just plannin on making it sometime but they dunno when.
  12. OinkUsed2BABunny

    OinkUsed2BABunny Perma-banned.

    *gasp* FF4F took all of them already! I was too late.

    *sees the tiny lil RTS under the rubble struggle to survive* I'll get this one! RTS stands for, drum roll please...
    Real Time Strategy!

    :p :bunny:
  13. FinalFantasy4ever

    FinalFantasy4ever Oh where in the world...

    lol yay u got 1
  14. FinalFantasy4ever

    FinalFantasy4ever Oh where in the world...

    well....ft is ok....it'd be better if i was good at wc3 in the first place. lol.
  15. OinkUsed2BABunny

    OinkUsed2BABunny Perma-banned.

    Ah, so I see you've laid your hands on the Frozen Throne. Jealousy meter raising, raising, raising!

    What exactly are you having problems with anyway?
  16. Colonel Froggie

    Colonel Froggie Lord of the Frogs

    Never played Starcraft or Diablo, Can't find my copy of Warcraft 2,
    and the first Warcraft is awesome, but I don't have it. :tired:

  17. FinalFantasy4ever

    FinalFantasy4ever Oh where in the world...

    ft is fairly good but im not the best at building fast (hence i usually play altered games in scbw)
    Now my friend is challenging me since he is so good at it compared to me.
  18. OinkUsed2BABunny

    OinkUsed2BABunny Perma-banned.

    Want me to help ya? I'm fairly good at WC3 (pfft, who cant beat the AI?), and I'd like to think I'm better at SC:BW too. I think I'm just setting myself up for a rude awakening, but two people who suck is better than one, right? ;)
  19. FinalFantasy4ever

    FinalFantasy4ever Oh where in the world...

    lol 2 people who suck live longer then one. might not be better but you still waste the opponents time! lol thats always fun.
  20. OinkUsed2BABunny

    OinkUsed2BABunny Perma-banned.

    Woo! We'll Suckerpunch and then Bum Rush them! They'll never know what hit them. Unless, of course, that they're all better than us, then we'll both royally screwed up the wazooh.

    ... and that's when we start using cheats! Yeah! Go Team!

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