Urban Online Entertainment Media is a new media firm based in City of Industry, CA. Our team disciplines fall under three major categories, each with a wide variety of duties and roles.


Web Team:

Our web team manages our entire network of sites, and forums. You might see them several of our social media sites helping to manage our social media presence.


  • Flameback777 – Senior Moderator
  • Katanubis – Senior Moderator


Media Team:

We’re not simply just a team that writes. We also have a great deal of audio/video expertise. From time to time, we lend out personnel to help supplement large scale events, bands, concerts, that require additional audio/video specialists and hardware. We utilize ProPresenter 4 for managing lyrics and visuals for the bands we work with.


  • Gongkum.lo – Audio/Video Project Manager, and Event Director
  • ThatTallGuy- Audio/Video Project Manager
  • Jonlikesjello¬†– Audio/Video Project Manager
  • Bleriotusa- Audio/Video Specialist
  • Bansheettub¬†– Audio/Video Specialist
  • Djizzle- Audio/Video Specialist
  • Waynelinazn- Audio/Video Specialist
  • Yamisoscary- Audio/Video Specialist


Media Production Team:

Occasionally we get a special request to do an awesome promotional video from bands or special events we are working on. By the time we’re done, our media production team has generated a huge composition in Adobe Premiere Pro and/or Adobe After Effects.


  • Gongkum.lo (Project Manager)
  • Bleriotusa


Press Team:

We work closely with several of our industry partners to provide proper coverage of any game, or brand. Our Press Team continues to follow growing trends as well as provide valuable information to help direct and pioneer or growth.


  • ManagerJosh – Editor-In-Chief
  • BenC17BC – Staff Writer
  • Jonlikesjello – Staff Writer
  • Yamisoscary – Staff Writer

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