5-year-old Ocean Beach boy exposes Microsoft Xbox vulnerability

Meet  Kristoffer Von Hassel. He’s managed to successfully bypass the Microsoft XBox Live Login screen. He’s also only five years old.

His parents realized after Christmas that he was managing to login to his dad’s XBox Live account and playing games he was not suppose to be.

In video shot  by his father Robert Davies, Robert is heard asking Kristoffer how he was doing it.

Kristoffer showed Dad that when he typed in a wrong password for his father’s account, it clicked to a password verification screen. By typing in a number of spaces, followed by hitting enter, Kristoffer was able to get in.

Kristoffers’ father, who works in computer security, was one extremely proud father. “How awesome is that!” Davies said. “Just being 5 years old and being able to find a vulnerability and exploit it.

They both disclosed the vulnerability to Microsoft and it has been soon patched.

This is one smart kid.

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