Anaheim Harvest 2011 Kicks Off

Hands were raised, people clapping their hands, people crying. Friday marked the launch of the twenty second annual Harvest Crusade at Anaheim Stadium in Anaheim, CA. Packed with 32,000 attendees from across Southern California, people with addictions, suffering from abuse, lives that were shattered gathered to hear the hope, love and mercy of Jesus Christ.

The Harvest Crusades ministry is one of a family affair. Not just the ones of Greg Laurie and the Harvest Church in Riverside, but the body of Christ. Volunteers from across Southern California spend countless hours beind the scene promoting, organizing, arranging the entire Harvest Crusades. One see how hearts were broken and shattered in 2008 when Greg Laurie’s son was taken suddenly, but echos of his artistic vision are all over the place with an arrow pointed up.

But the message of Christ rang throughout the evening. The message of hope. The message that you are not alone in this world and that Jesus Christ would never leave you. The message that heaven is not for good people, the people who do good works, but for people for forgiven people. Take a look at the backfield in the above picture. Approximately 3,000 people packed the rear of the stage to accept Christ.

Harvest runs through August 14 with additional guest musicians such as RedPhil WickhamLincoln BrewsterJeremy CampJars of Clay, and Francesca Battistelli.

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