LACMA’s #LevitatedMass

If you have not been following the news, the Los Angeles County of Musuem of Art has been transporting a 340 ton granite megalith through the city of Los Angeles called “Levitated Mass”. In fact, this “rock” as some people are calling it, is so wide that a custom carrier had to be built to transport it from the quarry to its final resting place at.

Our team spent the night chasing it through Rowland Heights, CA all the way to Whittier, CA before we broke off the relay. We began our pursuit at 10:00PM and it was rather eerie traveling the route the megalith was intended to travel. Street Lights were turned 90 degrees, and the stretch of Colima Boulevard we traveled was eerily silent. Signals were flashing red and intersections were literally ghost towns. People were lined up all along Colima Boulevard watching and waiting for the Megalith to pass by like a Rose Parade Float. In fact, it felt like the Megalith was a treated like a Hollywood Celebrity with fans, a huge police presence, members of the press and helicopters circling overhead.

For our team, it was an interesting night as we were trying to keep ahead of the amazing convoy that was comprised of a multitude of Southern California Edison Vehicles, California Highway Patrol, Los Angeles County Sheriff Vehicles and Scout Vehicles that were trying to ensure the route ahead was clear. Navigating along a multitude of parallel and residential streets, we followed the Megalith for 4.6 miles before calling it a night. I must say as one of the senior directors here at Urban Online Entertainment, it was far more challenging than E3 as we had to observe all laws, and traffic laws, but at the same time, keep a few steps ahead so we could capture this Megalith.

The night was a success, and here are some of the photos we captured on Day 5 as we followed the Megalith for 4.6 miles.

You can find out more about Levitated Mass at and follow the progress of LevitatedMass’ twelve day journey on Twitter with the hashtag #levitatedmass

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