LIVE video chat with Bar Karma creator WILL WRIGHT

Every Friday, you’ve been asking Will Wright questions about Bar Karma. As we head toward our season finale, the Bar Karma producers have decided to up the ante:

You’re going to have the chance to ask Will questions – live!

On Tuesday, April 26th at 8pm EST/5pm PST, Will Wright will be LIVE ON VIDEO through Facebook (via the LiveStream tab here:, answering questions from you, the Bar Karma community.

Will Wright will be taking your questions live via Facebook, Twitter and Live Stream chat. There will be no more “Three Questions with Will Wright” for the rest of the season, so this is your only chance to have Will answer your questions – live and on-camera!

Want to spread the word? Send this Facebook invite to your friends! Then clear your calendar on Tuesday, April 26th at 8pm EST/5pm PST for a Livestream Chat with Will Wright!

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