Our First Look at TERA

We stood in front of EN MASSE Entertainment today with one goal, and that is to unfold the mystery of why TERA will be the next generation of MMORPG. Our team was able to make that goal successful by entering the private booth to get a sneak peek at what TERA was really about. There are five playable characters inside the booth and four available, because the healer class was being played by one of the exhibitors to ensure that we don’t wonder off on our own. The healer’s game name was Kommandr also sounds like Commander. He started off explaining to us about the standard game mechanics and later taught us more advance moves. The rest of the four classes include a berserker, warrior, slayer and a sorcerer. I had the first pick, so I chose the warrior class because that seems to fit my playing style the most.

Since we are on the warrior topic lets talk about the warrior class first. The warrior is a very agile class, they are able to evade incoming attacks and let out a powerful roar to stun enemies around them. The weapon of choice for the warrior is dual wielding swords. Now lets move onto the berserkers. Berserkers are tank class in this game, they move very slowly and cannot evade and dodge away from attacks, but instead block and mitigate the damage up to 60%. Since I did not play the berserker class I can only assume they must have taunt abilities, and I know for certain that they carry a giant pole-arm as their primary weapon. Then we have the Slayer, as far as I can tell they are very similar to the warrior class, because they can evade attacks and attack decently fast just like the warrior. The obvious difference between the Warrior and the Slayer is the ability to use two-handed swords. Last but not least we got the sorcerer. Unfortunately I have no detail on what the sorcerer can do, but I only know that they are a range class, and their evasive ability is teleportation. Lets not forget the healer that was played by one of the EN MASSE members. We were told that the healer class at this moment can only heal and is extremely fragile so they have to be protected at all times.

That pretty much sums up all the classes in TERA that I have seen so far, so lets now talk about what the game play is like. The first few minutes into the game after fighting a couple of mobs and some mini bosses I was almost thinking that I was playing an action game in a console system. Besides the very fast pace action and constant moving to avoid attacks, we manage to journey all the way to the last boss. There was much anticipation since Kommandr was giving us directions on how to defeat the boss, while at the same time telling us that depending on what we do it is possible to wipe even with his healing. Our team have to give it our all and use the knowledge that we just learned to take this boss down. The boss was very smart, almost like a player. It attacked viciously where ever he can find our members, and he had a very deadly area of effect move which stuns all players near him for up to 5 seconds. But because our group was so awesome we were able to take it down in the matter of minutes.

This game by far really can live up to the name of being the next generation of MMORPG. I hope that this game comes out soon, because I cannot contain my excitement and hunger for this game after seeing this game in such detail. It is silly to hope when this game obviously comes out in 2011, but as a gamer I can only wait patiently for this game to be perfectly polished when it comes out. This is all for the review, hope you guys enjoyed it.

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