Simcity, an overpriced 20 minute countdown timer. – By Mark

I’ve so far played this game one hour. During that time my buildings would flashing on and off in what appeared to be a video glitch.

The majority of my experience has been watching a Server is Busy error and waiting for a 20 minute timer to count down to 0. Once it does, I get a network server error and it resets.

I’m giving the game 1 star because it’s been a great way to re-heat my enchiladas in the oven. Otherwise, I’d give this game a 0.

If you have not purchased, stay far away.

And if you’re reading this months from now and they’ve seemingly fixed their issues, do yourself a favor and do not purchase the game. It’s a Simcity-lite, not a true successor.

Maxis is a shell of their former selves.

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