Social Engineering Capture the Flag Returns to DEFCON

Social Engineering Capture the Flag makes it second appearance at DEFCON, bringing back Chris Hadnagy, Mati Aharoni, Jim O’Gorman and Paul Hand from the social engineering website “”. Social Engineering is the act of manipulating people to provide sensitive and confidential information.

Last year’s Social Engineering Capture the Flag was an instant hit with attendees with a never before first year competition nailing the winners of the competition the coveted Black DEFCON Badge, allowing an attendee to attend DEFCON for life.

This year’s competition adds a new spin: The classic Adult Competition and a brand new Youth Competition.


This should be an interesting spin to last year’s hit as all companies who were targeted in last year’s competition fell, highlighting continuously that the human factor is the weakest factor in corporate security policies.

The complete social engineering capture the flag competition is sponsored by Offensive Security, Qualys, AllClearID, Core Security and the EFF.

Join us this week as we will report from Las Vegas, DEFCON 19 and this year’s Social Engineering Capture the Flag!

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