US Cyber Challenge Cyber Camps Kick Off This Week!

This week marks the start of the first of several US Cyber Challenge Camps across the United States. This is the second year of camps sponsored by the the US Cyber Challenge, a quasi-government group comprised of the Center for Internet Security, the Air Force association, the National Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition and the Department of Defense Cyber Crime Center.

The Cyber Camps is a special one week training boot camp presented and hosted by college faculty,  and cyber security professionals/experts in the industry.

Campers at the US Cyber Challenge Camps can expect a boot camp styled education, where they receive several crash courses in various areas, including Windows and Linux Hardening, Web Application Penetration Testing, Reverse Engineering of Malware and Computer Forensics. Over the course of the week, additional programs are designed to encourage students to take part in this industry, as well as to keep out of trouble and stay ethical though ethical courses. Concluding the week is a “capture the flag” competition and awards ceremony.

These camps are crucial as they help both employers and educators alike to find talent that’s both formal and informal education but have a passion in computer and network security. It also allows the shaping of raw talent to understand there is a future in what they love but it also does require them to keep on the straight and narrow road.

“We are looking for at least 10,000 of the most highly skilled, capable people in the nation to become the hunter-warriors of the cyber world,” said Karen Evans, national director of the US Cyber Challenge.

As the week progresses, we will be posting updates on the California Cyber Camp located at the California State Polytechnic University Pomona where 35 of the brightest minds from California, Nevada, Oregon and Arizona are gathered this week to learn from SANS instructors. Ages vary from students just finishing high school to professionals who have some experience in this area.

It should be a fun week for these campers.

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