World of Warcraft Woes – What Cataclysm Should Fix

As a hard-core MMORPG player, I’ve been fortunate to play World of Warcraft since its early conception during the beta testing phases. This game has continued to be one of the most addictive MMORPG titles I’ve played on the market. Now, the game has lost its luster.

Turning back the clock, the title brought so much potential during its initial launch. It was the revolutionary title that introduced the industry to Player versus Player (PvP) gameplay in which players were able to fight each other globally. Traditionally, The Alliance and the Horde fought against each other to battle for space to level in the game. As gamers continued to play, their characters to a high level and continued upwards.

With the introduction of PvP gameplay, experienced players are preying upon newer, inexperienced players. The question now is: What will happen to the world of PvP as time goes on? One would expect an increased number of city raids and heavy competition. The World of Warcraft realm would become a challenge unlike no other, discouraging and possibly inhibiting new players from advancing. However, Blizzard conceded to the complaints of newer players, which in my opinion marked the beginning of the downfall of World of Warcraft. PvP competition virtually ceased overnight as the new protocols in effect discouraged higher level players from decimating low level cities, and more to my chagrin, punish gamers who continued to push the boundaries. What is the point of PvP if you can not have an upset? Or challenge and dominate the newer players? Where is the freedom to travel the world, and eliminate everything in your path?

Blizzard’s arena solution is hardly a solution at all. True people can once again be competitive, but it becomes an endless grind. We’ve become simply mindless automatons, and it lacks the fun. What is the point of owning someone in an arena battle or battle ground game across the five different server/realms which the likelihood of seeing them again or remembering their names for next time are stupidly low?
I concede that Blizzard needs to cater to casual gamers, but in an effort to cater to casual players, they’ve made the title bland, and dull to the dedicated hard-core gamer. Raids are not even a challenge. It’s simply a pointless routine.

World of Warcraft was once full of potential and became an infectious drug. People that play the game now are mindless zombies that grind their way through to get gear. Even the once challenging raids that made the game so enjoyable can now be done by casual players. Those casual players are known as noobs, 12 year kids, and ninjas.

How I wish I can say that the expansion Cataclysm will revive World of Warcraft to its old and glorious days. Can this game really be good now with all the bad guy heroes dead? Will killing a really big dragon once again like Onyxia really brings back the same pleasure as before? And will a new amazing goblin and werewolf race be so exciting that it will make people stay and return to the game?

Blizzard might have millions of subscribers playing World of Warcraft right now, but sooner or later even idiots will be able to figure out that just because a new skin is added to a character or a new generic raid is born, doesn’t mean that the game is different in anyway. Let’s face it. World of Warcraft has decayed with time.

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