Back to Business…

One thing horribly bad about having a primary computer is that when you loose it, you loose it all. That’s precisely what happened to me the last few weeks.

It’s been somewhat of a struggle to do maintenance as all my tools and notes were stored on my primary computer, but hopefully now that I have this new computer up, I should be getting back to things.

For those who emailed me, sorry I did not get back to you as clients took first priority. I’ll be returning all emails as quickly as I can get this new computer online.

I am still however banging my head on how I lost two partitions. It’s simply not funny. 8+ years of history, data, and information gone in a matter of minutes. Sigh. Luckily for backups, but I still have to extract all the relevant information and transfer it over. That will take a while.

But luckily I’m using it as a good opportunity to migrate from my old Pentium 4 with Windows XP 32-bit unit to a brand new Core i7 unit with Windows 7 64bit. I was hoping to do it in stages but the loss of two partitions has sped things up unfortunately.

So everything I need to write over the next few weeks is going to be a ton of catch up.

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