Hero Sends Sen to Lower Bracket, Puma Out-terrans Thorzain

What a epic semi-final match at the North American Star League setting the show for an epic showdown between protoss and zerg.

Team Liquid’s Hero overpowered Sen winning the series 4-0. With an early 2 Stargate push, Hero quickly dominated the map with Phoenixes and Void Rays, slowly devastating Sen’s economy bases, and obliterating Sen’s overlords. Despite Sen’s best efforts in trying to conquer Hero’s aerial assault with spore crawlers, and queens,  Hero’s strategy, gameplay, and unit control was much more superior allowing Hero to take the win.

After the loss, Sen must face ThorZaIN to secure a third place spot worth $12,000 in prize money.


In the second semi-finals, the battle of two terran players placed people on edge as the early setups were like watching mirrors. Each were matching each other move for move anticipating each other move. However, the battle of terrans took shape quickly with ThorZaIN unleashing mass marines where as Puma sending out tank. As the battle waged on, each side was taking wins one a piece, but it was Puma’s final match against Thorzain with air superiority that cinched the match against Thorzain. With Bansheets and Vikings, Puma quickly dominated the skies suppressing Thorzain’s ability to expand as well as to suppress his ability to counter that sent Hero to the final match.

With a feeling of Deja Vu from Dreamhack, Hero and Puma will once more fight it out to the finish. Who will win? Stay tune.

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