Hero Sweeps Hasuobs at North American Star League

Day two of the North American Star League is underway at the Ontario Convention Center in Ontario, California. Despite the small presence, the atmosphere is charged with two heavy hitter protoss players fighting it out.

In game two between Hero and Hasuobs, Hero caught Hausobs’s army of colossus off guard with a protoss mothership complementing his army of colossus and stalkers. With the arrival of the mothership, the audience was on edge knowing that a vortex was enroute. As the final battle pushed on, the mothership unleashed its vortex  dragging in all of Hasuobs’s army allowing Hero to clear out Hasuob’s expansion.

In game three, Hero launched into an impressive four gate build trapping Hasuobs’s army of immortals, stalkers, zealots and sentries. The consistent pressure of stalkers with blink combined with a few zealots cracked Hasuobs quickly, despite the impressive amount of immortals, and stalkers giving Hero the win.


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