New Team Members

I realized during the last six months we added a few team members to our team, but I never introduced them to everyone. Mea culpa! Sorry guys!



Ben is one of our newest team members joining the Urban Online Entertainment team joining us as a staff writer. He is an avid enthusiast of music and the movies. During his off time, he loves writing and hopes to do this full time as a profession. When not in writing, he enjoys boba tea drinks from Half and Half and spending time at the beach.


YAM is our next newest addition joining the Urban Online Entertainment team. He comes to us as both a staff writer and a technical specialist leaders. YAM is a HUGE Starcraft 2 Player and simply steamrolls me every time he plays Zerg. YAM is huge gamer, playing a variety of games including World of Warcraft, Heroes of Newerth, and a variety of first person shooters.

Jon is our last addition joining the Urban Online Entertainment team as a staff writer and project specialist leaders. Like YAM, Jon is a hardcore Starcraft 2 Player and recently switched from Protoss to Zerg. Jon is an avid cross country runner, and a big fan of Victoria Justice.



Please join me and welcoming our newest team members 🙂

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