Overclocking Gurus Get Ready! MSI MOA 2011 Online Pre-Selections Kick off for the Americas Beginning in October!

[Industry, CA] Overclocking fever never ends as MSI’s MOA 2011 global event will kick off another round of warfare in the Americas! MSI has called upon overclocking aficionados from North and South America to log on to HWBOT, the world famous website dedicated to overclocking, between October 23 and November 21 to push their system to the limit. Winners will participate in the qualifying round at CES 2011 in Las Vegas to compete for the MOA 2011 Champion Overclocker title for the Americas!

Sponsored by the renowned motherboard and graphics card manufacturer MSI, the annual Master Overclocking Arena (MOA) Grand Final recently concluded in September in the city of Taipei and was a resounding success. Having garnered acclaim from the overclocking community, the pre-qualifying round of MOA 2011 will kick off in cyberspace shortly. In order to encourage more participants in the upcoming event, the HWBOT online pre-qualifying contest for the MOA 2011 Americas will be divided into total 5 groups under the motherboard and graphics card categories.

  • Motherboard –X58 motherboards: Contestants will conduct SuperPI 32M with MSI’s X58 motherboards.
  • Motherboard – H55/H57 IGP Overclocking: Contestants will conduct 3DMark Vantage with IGPs of H55/H57 motherboards from MSI.
  • Motherboard – LGA1156 motherboards: Contestants will participate with MSI’s P55/H55/H57 motherboards using 3DMark2001.
  • Graphics card – ATI R5000 series: Contestants will compete with MSI R5000 series graphics cards and 3DMark Vantage.
  • Graphics card – NVIDIA N400 series: Contestants will compete with the MSI N400 series, also with the same benchmarking suite.

Two winners from each category and group will be selected in the four-week pre-selections for the Americas. They will be invited to form teams to participate in the very first live competition to be held for the Americas next January in Las Vegas, U.S.A!

For more information, please visit the HWBot site here: http://hwbot.org/competition/moa2011_americas

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