Quantum Conundrum released!

Square Enix’s latest title is released today for the PC, with release dates for the PlayStation Network on July 10th and for the Xbox Live Arcade on July 11th. Quantum Conundrum features first-person action in an environment filled with puzzles, similar to the Portal series. However, instead of using portals to transport objects, the user must shift dimensions to interact with the environment in different ways, solving the puzzles presented to the user.

A demonstration of the dimension changes and gameplay at E3 shows how the different dimensions are used in progressing through the game. The Interdimensional Shift Device (ISD) is the primary gadget of the player, as one must press a button and select from available dimensions obtained from batteries scattered throughout each level. Some of these dimensions include the “fluffy dimension”, which gives the entire environment a white, soft appearance and makes objects much lighter, and the “reverse gravity dimension”, which shifts gravity upwards. The timing of changing dimensions is necessary for advancing through the levels. For example, one would change to the fluffy dimension in order to pick up a heavy safe, toss the safe toward a glass window, then immediately change back to the normal dimension in order for the safe to break through the glass window.

The setting of the game takes place in the large mansion of an eccentric scientist whose inventions are scattered throughout his home. The user takes control of the 12-year old nephew of the scientist who must explore around the mansion using these inventions to find his uncle. Aside from the dimension changing batteries and other inventions, scientific puns can also be discovered throughout the mansion, including books titled Heart of Dark Matter and To Kilowatt a Mockingbird, which are clear spoofs of classic literature.

Quantum Conundrum has so far been successful, scoring an 8/10 by IGN and achieving similar reviews elsewhere. While PC users can download the game immediately, PS3 and Xbox 360 owners will have to wait just a bit longer to get their hands on this exciting game.

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