SimCity Fans! E3, the largest North American videogame-centric conference, is just around the corner. Maxis will be there – sun, ocean and a large conference center full of the best video games of the year? Do people actually say no to that? Of course before we head to LA and to E3, Maxis want to share some of our details with you. You will see the game. Yup. You, the fan, the gamer, the soon-to-be-mayor. When you watch our latest trailer full of only in-game footage, you will witness some of the consequences your city will face like raging fires, pollution and protestors. What city will you build?

This is merely a taste of what we’re doing at E3. Tune in on June 4th during our press conference and see what the game looks like. Spike TV will be broadcasting it live, click here to watch it. After you’ve watched the live stream, come back to and see the world premier (did we say first ever shown?), in-game screens. Maxis is sure you are still going to have a ton of questions so we’ve partnered with to set-up a developer chat with our very own Lead Producer, Kip Katsarelis. He’ll be there to answer your questions live from E3 at noon PST on June 5th, click here for more information.

Maxis will also be showing multiplayer for the first time. Maxis won’t be able to give you a sneak peek at that feature today, but rest assured you’ll be able to read all the exciting news about what it looks like and how it works from all of the press stories. As Maxis finish getting ready for E3, they wanted to share with you a picture of the SimCity team. These lovely faces are the ones creating the game for you. Aren’t they all beautiful?

SimCity Team

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