Thorzain Edges Out Morrow in North American Star League

Thorzain pulls out a stunning victory over Morrow. Despite being teammates, Thorzain devistated Morrow winning three games to one.

Game one was a close one between Thorzain and Morrow, but game two Thorzain devastates Morrow’s economy with mass helions early in, burning drones, queens, and speedlings in their range in game two. Despite Morrow’s best effort, he was unable to develop a proper counter strategy eventually succumbing after his economy collapsed.

Morrow made a huge come back in game three defeating Thorzain soundly however, despite Morrow’s best effort, Thorzain completely dominated game four with a repeat of his mass Helion strategy. Morrow hurled everything he had from queens, speedlings and drones in a vain attempt to salvage the game, but ultimately the mass production of Helions ultimately demoralized Morrow who threw in the towel and gave Thorzain the win.

Thorzain advances to the next round playing Hero in the semi-finals.


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