Upcoming TrackMania game boasts new features

Nadeo showcased some highlights of TrackMania 2: Canyon, the upcoming addition to the addicting racing series TrackMania, at E3.
The stage demo allowed eager players to test their racing skills on a track set in the newest environment type, Canyon, which lends to the game’s namesake. The track included typical features expected in the TrackMania franchise such as massive ramps that allowed the player to gain massive air time, and sharp curves.

TrackMania 2 will offer the same adrenaline-filled racing experience as the other titles in the series with some new features and enhancements. In addition to the ever important track creation, players will now be able to create their own customized track pieces. When customizing a track, a player will be allowed to create a unique track with creative settings and weather customizations. Car customization remains a major selling point for the game. More cars will be available as well as customizable skins. Players will still be able to create and upload new skins and tracks for the TrackMania community to enjoy. 

Graphics have been greatly improved to a level comparable to some of the better known console racing games. Despite zipping around the demo track at high speeds, the surrounding scenery kept its luster and quality minus the added motion blur for realism.

Servers for multiplayer games will typically host 40 or 80 players at once for large, frantic, races filled with competitors. The current maximum server limit that has been tested is for 150 players according to one of the developers present at E3. Linked servers will also be available to allow players easier connection to friends’ games.

Developed by Nadeo, and published by Ubisoft, TrackMania 2: Canyon’s retail release date is set sometime in September 2011 for the PC. A closed beta is set to open this July. The open beta will be available in late July or early August.


Staff Writer Jonathan Diep contributed to this report.




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