World of Warcraft’s Upcoming Patches

There has been a lot of talk about Blizzard’s World of Warcraft development team. Critics have said that Blizzard is failing in terms of releasing new content in the upcoming patches, pushing back the release of the newest dungeons and raid, and instead rehashing, or remaking, old ones. Many players are disappointed by Blizzard’s actions, but I find that this rehashing of old dungeons seems to work. With a lot of the consumer basis of WoW being somewhat new to the game, such as the “Wrath Babies”, or players who did not experience the original or first expansion of WoW, this rehashing is new content. They are generally happy with anything Blizzard does. For those who have been playing longer though, this is a different story. Blizzard has issued reports saying that the rehashing includes new mechanics and creatures into the old content, but critics proclaim that the mechanics are very similar to the old ones.

With the upcoming releases of the old dungeons, this is hot topic among veteran WoW players because they are becoming less and less interested in WoW. I highly suggest that Blizzard release new content, and when I mean new, I mean never seen before content.

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