DarkSpore Delayed!

A last minute decision by the DarkSpore team has pushed the release dates for Maxis’s newest title DarkSpore by at least a month. The new release date for DarkSpore has been moved from next week to April 26 in North America and April 28th for the European Union/Asian/South Pacific Region. The reason: Incorporating last minute feedback.

DarkSpore has garnered much popularity in recent weeks, and the mood by fans, has been surprisingly supportive with minimal protests of the game’s delay. DarkSpore Beta Keys become coveted items by man, with many sites’ supply of DarkSpore Beta Keys completely drained at times.

Along with the delayed announcements comes the announcements of additional beta tests. The current intention is to allow existing beta testing members to invite any number of friends to try the game and provide additional feedback for DarkSpore.


What do you think? Should the game have been delayed? Voice your feedback here!


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